CCP Ambassador Program

Your registration with the College demonstrates to the public that you are qualified and current in your practice and that you continue to learn and develop as a professional. In accordance with the Registration Regulation made under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act (SWSSWA), as well as the guidelines set by the College, all members must provide evidence of continuing competence to practise social work or social service work.

In 2015, at its Annual Meeting and Education Day (AMED), the College asked members to share their stories about what activities they engage in as part of the annual Continuing Competence Program (CCP).  We would like to thank those members who indicated their interest.  CCP Ambassadors are registered social workers and registered social service workers who have agreed to share their unique perspectives on why they feel remaining continually competent by completing the CCP each year is an important part of their professional practice.

We are pleased to share the first CCP Ambassador interviews with you.  We acknowledge all those members who indicated their interest in the program.  Our vision is to be able to share a new “Ambassador” interview each three months or so to provide members some insight into what their peers are doing to ensure they meet CCP requirements.

For your opportunity to become a CCP Ambassador watch for our poster and sign-up sheet at this year’s Annual Meeting and Education Day.