Debbie Miles-SeniorNot long ago, Debbie Miles-Senior founded her own custody and access service centre called Side by Side Services. The centre supports parents and children dealing with divorce through the provision of coaching to parents, supervised access and short-term counselling. Debbie enjoys working in this sector. She believes that parents benefit when they have the opportunity to improve their relationship with their children while building their own skills.

A registered social worker with over 20 years of experience working with families, children and youth, Debbie is aware of the importance of maintaining competence in her field.

“I have a vision which is to empower parents,” says Debbie. “I know that remaining up to date and competent helps me realize my vision of being able to empower clients by providing service based on timely, current, evidence-based practice. For me, the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) sets the stage. It is a tool that allows me to ask myself if I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Am I using current knowledge and evidence?”

Throughout her career, Debbie has engaged in a diverse range of learning activities. These activities include webinars and workshops delivered by community agencies that focus on engaging families. In addition, Debbie attended the 2016 AMED where she heard about the CCP Ambassador Program. She had lunch at the self-employed professionals table and attended the sessions, Residential Schools of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Impacting the 21st Century… or Not?, by Cheryle Partridge; and Resiliency in Practice: What is it and How Do We Build It Using a Strengths-Based Approach?, by Megan Potestio.

“My goal overall is to stay current and my goal for my CCP this year is to become certified in the area of crisis counselling,” says Debbie. Ideally, she is looking to enhance her skills in individual counselling for young people and parents.

“I see the CCP as being an important resource that allows me to reflect on areas where I would like to see myself grow as a professional in the field.”

Debbie often visits the College’s website to review the Practice Notes and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure that she is staying true to and abiding with the principles.  She continues to attend events and workshops to engage with other professionals and learn from them what works, what doesn’t and what changes – all in an effort to stay current in her practice.