Shalini RamkishunShalini Ramkishun became interested in the field of social service work nearly eight years ago when she worked as a hotline counsellor. She experienced a period of change in her personal life which was her inspiration to work with people going through a hard time and dealing with issues such as depression.

“The work gives me the opportunity to listen to others and contribute in a meaningful way in the human services field,” says Shalini. “It challenges me, while at the same time allowing me to build on my skills.”

Currently, Shalini works as a coordinator for Toronto Children’s Services (TCS) where she accesses client feedback on the programs. She finds the work she puts in to the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) useful to her job. She notes that it is vital to follow the standards, and provide high quality, professional and effective services, regardless of where you are employed.

Remaining competent and current in her profession is of utmost importance to Shalini. The CCP provides her with the opportunity to become more familiar with the principles in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Through her work on her CCP, she is continually learning new skills.

Shalini does a lot of reading and online research, and she participates in numerous seminars and workshops in areas such as harm reduction. She also enrolls in various courses in the areas of gender and women’s studies.

“Working on my CCP helps me to engage as an individual who is proud to be a member of the OCSWSSW,” says Shalini. “It helps me to create goals and take on new experiences.”  Conducting research in important areas that affect her clients is something she feels she can do in order to help her clients, effect change and impact lives.

“Social service work is a changing field. You need to constantly upgrade your skills.”